Monthly Archives: August 2013

Urban Geofiction in planning and education

Fictional maps can be a useful playground or setting for workshops or teaching purposes in planning and education: Using an “empty” topographical map and let the people figure out where settlements are most likely to evolve, let the students figure …
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Ortsnamengenerator: A tool to create nice German fantasy town names

Finding names for towns and villages is an important part of geofictional work. Sometimes, it seems like even more creativity and brainstorming is needed to find the right names than to imagine the topography, the streets and so on. So, …
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Two cities by Nicholas Deibler added: Anchester and Tiner

Today, two new wonderful contributions to the urban geofiction collection have been published. It’s the hand-drawn maps of Anchester (Ontario, Canada) and Tiner (UK) by Nicholas Deibler. Have a look at these maps, which are perfect representations of the urban …
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