Drawing Tarott #6: Hennfelder Heide

London has its “Hampstead Heath” and Tarott has its “Hennfelder Heide”. So if you imagine walking around in this green part of the city, think of the pillowlike hills covered by meadows, ponds surrounded by groups of trees, and of course the view over the neighbouring parts of the city with a silhouette reminding of countryside villages with small residential houses and church towers as landmarks – like in Hampstead. Sit down on a bench in the “Selferwiesen” (Selfer Meadows) in the north of Hennfelder Heide, and you’ll have a nice view over the heath and to the residential district of Hennfelder Heide in the west, Irmdorf in the southwest, the construction of Neu-Gloorenmoor in the south with parts of Müsert and the Irm valley behind it, and Gloorenmoor in the east. In the north you’ll see nothing but trees: the Hennfelder Wald is the most elevated part of the chain of hills between Irm valley in the south and Opper valley in the north.

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By the way: The Tarott city page has been enhanced with the collection of “Work in progress” map parts. Compare the map parts of “Drawing Tarott #2” and “Drawing Tarott #6” to see the drawing progress of Hennfelder Heide.

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  1. Arend Kölsch |

    A wonderful place to be. I spent a sunny afternoon there with my family! Forgot my straw hat at Gut Gloorenmoor’s dairy café … will have to come back!

  2. admin |

    I’m glad you had a nice afternoon in the heath. I will have to go to Gloorenmoor on Tuesday next week. I can pick up your hat at the café, if you like. Let’s meet in the “Old Friends” pub next to the International Theatre in Kurenfeld. Tuesday night, 8pm, what do you think?

  3. Arend Kölsch |

    Thank you very much, I will be there! We could see Jeremy Trumbaugh’s “Macbeth” later that night, if you have the time.