Opengeofiction – a collaborative platform for the creation of fictional maps

Dear friends of Urban Geofiction,

today, we would like to present to you a new collaborative platform for the creation of fictional maps: Opengeofiction –

Using the tools of the Openstreetmap project – -, Opengeofiction offers, for everyone who would like to participate, the possibility to contribute to mapping a fictional planet. Interested? Then
1. Create your account (you’ll get an e-mail when your account has been activated, it may take a little while)
2. Choose a free (green) area from the overview map (please send an e-mail to and mention the area you’ve chosen)
3. Start mapping by using the tools available ( If you don’t have any experience yet, please tell the Opengeofiction team at and they’ll try to help you as much as possible.

Find more information about the project and about other ways to participate here:

Examples for what it can look like: (Roantra) (south of Kalm/north of Sathria, “under construction”)

You already have a fictional country and/or city that you would like to place on the Opengeofiction planet? That’s wonderful! The free (green) areas at the overview map can still be changed a little bit, so that your imaginary country hopefully will find its place in one of the continents. Maybe you find an area that already has almost the same form as your fictional country (and is also located in the right latitude, so that the climate is like you imagine it for your country).

Please spread the word about it if you know other people who might be interested in knowing about the project – or even in participating.