Urban Geofiction in planning and education

Fictional maps can be a useful playground or setting for workshops or teaching purposes in planning and education: Using an “empty” topographical map and let the people figure out where settlements are most likely to evolve, let the students figure out the most probable history of a given region or what type of economic strengths and weaknesses might exist there. Or, like in the workshop that was conducted by members of the “Nexthamburg” team in March 2013: Use an urban neighbourhood or distrcict of an imaginary city to project common social, ecological, economical, architectural and other problems known from real places to a fictional scene and setting and let the people consider versatile solutions for a “better future”.  For the “Planning workshop Neu Dorlach 2025”, a district of Forberg was used. You can find details about this workshop at Nexthamburg’s “Neu Dorlach” project page. And have a look at the workshop report. There are many other possible contexts for using fictional maps in planning and education.