Monthly Archives: February 2018

Höjkelfeld – a new addition by R. Ford

Höjkelfeld is the capital city of the Republic of Klönsland. Founded in 14 AD/CE by Arstinian traders, the town stayed at a relatively low population (roughly 2,540) up until the early 19th century. Take a detailed look at this nicely …
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Vænesston – A new addition by Greg Wochlik

Vænesston is named after a mistress of the first explorer. Vænessa’s surname is lost in history though. Captain Dževogurski was the first explorer to sail up the Quidth river. Usually, the ship would dock on along the bank, and the …
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Privathul – the latest addition to Urban Geofiction by Owen Reading

Privathul is a port city in the Republic of Fundlen, and is capital of the nation of Ullevi (Fundlen consists of 3 separate nations under one Republic). It has a population of 1.1m (2.2m in the metro area), and is …
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