On this site you’ll find a collection of cities. Perhaps you’d like to visit some of which (or not) if you belong to the group of people who can infer, by looking at a 2-dimensional, schematic city map, that the respective city is a very nice (or ugly) place.

You’ll have to leave it at your imagination—or take it as a special kind of art: You won’t find these cities on our globe (nor on another one). This complex hobby is called geofiction and there’s quite a big group of people worldwide who have this interest. There are many variations in the way of presenting these cities, in scale and level of detail. But they all have in common that they do not strive to create fantastic worlds with its own physical and natural laws like Tolkien did, for example. Their aim is to imagine new combinations of all variables that affect our daily (urban) life on this planet in a spatial way. It’s also not about creating new cities on empty spaces: The cities that are presented here are urban structures with a long history.

This collection of imaginary cities has grown constantly since 2003. It contains my own works Kenz and Konthuan (old, mostly hand-drawn projects) as well as Forberg and Wittersberg, quite new projects with a detailed, computer-drawn and “real-looking” map style. And there are many imagined cities of other people from different parts of the world. In some cases I edited the graphic style of their maps a little bit.

Just klick on the urban destinations—or make a roundtrip from city to city. Have fun!

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  1. Gabriel Brustolin |

    I am Brazilian and I am fond of cities and maps. I wonder what software are used in mapping the cities, since I’m not good draftsman. I would like to support the site.

    Sorry for my english.

  2. admin |

    Hi Gabriel, see my reply here: Contact page