A new project by O. Reading: Ekered (Fundlen)

Wow, this is amazing imaginary mapping stuff once more. You must definetely have a look! Owen Reading made a wonderful map of the city of Ekered, including a perfectly styled transport map. Also, he made a beautiful map of the peninsula country Ekered is located in: Fundlen (including a transport map as well).

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  1. Fabian Koch |

    I love your city! The display, the drawing, the urban details! – After visiting your city for a few days, the only thing, I am concerned about, is, that there is no direkt bus connecting Nordhof and Lerbynhof. I would wish for a direkt link, because there is no other way to connect the different Relbe lines instead. I propose bus line 15 serving this route from Nordhof via Ladwigstras, Ninaplejn, new sjtop KARUDWEG/TEJATRPLEJN to Lerbynhof and following line 17 to Korkenplejn, continuing to Ulstpark and Galsenplejn. Perhaps line 15 could also serve Murschulestras and Bundsestras to Galsenplejn instead.

  2. Owen Reading |

    Hi Fabian, I’m so glad you’re enjoying Ekered and I’m amazed you’ve studied it in so much detail! Your bus route suggestion is very good, and I will update my maps soon.

    Lerbynhof and Nordhof have very different uses – Lerbynhof is very much a local/commuter station for local traffic, and sees a lot of use in the mornings and evenings, but is less busy otherwise. Nordhof is the main intercity station, with fast trains to Magersryd, the capital, and the north of Fundlen. As such there is often not much connecting traffic, and the relatively infrequent bus connection (the newly re-routed 15) does not help this.