Tarott: Hand-drawn map of “Jübelstein”

Detail: Hand-drawn map of Jübelstein (Tarott-Rohrwasser)

As a birthday present, I (re-)drew a part of Tarott by hand a few weeks ago: the neighbourhood of “Jübelstein”. Names and things referring to the respective persons are hiding in this place. Some of them are easy to find, but most of them are difficult to discover when you don’t know the background.

Anyway, Jübelstein is a part of the Tarott’s Rohrwasser district right north of the harbour and the Tarott bay and part of the formerly independent city of Kulz. If you’re arriving by public transit, you can get there by tram or suburban rail (walk a few hundred meters from Rohrwasser terminus) as well as by some bus services. It’s a lovely place with nice buildings from the end of the 19th century, but not as busy as the multi-cultural central part of Rohrwasser.

So, have a(nother) look at the Tarott page, where you’ll find this map from now on.